Answers for Exercise 1. Main and supporting ideas review!

Find out how well you did in the main and supporting ideas exercise as Anne goes through the answers.

Main ideas and supporting evidence – Answer key

I think that Xiao has supported his ideas in the following way. The main ideas are in red and the supporting evidence is in blue.

1. People’s lives very bad after the Second World War. People were poor because the country was poor. There was no food, no electricity and it was hard to buy anything in shops.

2. Since those days, China has industrialised. It has created jobs and opportunities for people in cities such as Shanghai and Beijing and increased building work, exports and profits.

3. Other improvements happen in education and everyday behaviour. In school, students are now learning English and modern ideas which come from other countries whereas in the past they spend time learning how to speak the old Chinese language.

4. There are new customs too. For example, in the past, couples usually got married at home and wore red clothes but now they can marry in church and wear western clothes.

5. There are some negative changes, such as the number of cigarette smokers has increased and children do not work as hard as before because their live are easy.

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