Happy Birthday EnglishLife!

On July 17 in 2012, two very young enthusiasts came up with the idea which they thought would make the world a better place and registered the domain name www.EnglishLife.uz with naming their project as EnglishLife aka EL (OldMotto: English for Life (NewMotto: Learn English Together)).

They thought that many ESL/EFL students of Uzbekistan would gather in one place and discuss various topics about interesting articles, share their resources with each other, do peer learning & teaching, be able to upload and download movies in English, share what they know and learn what they don’t online on the platform.

Things started from there!

On the way of developing and popularising the website, they thought that interacting online would not be as useful and productive as having face-to-face communication in English.

On August 17 in 2013, the first session of EL Conversation Club was held around the circe of friends and some new members of EL family which made up fewer than 10 people in total.

Since that time, 4 clubs have been being conducted with great people all of whom can be considered as passionates of English language!

For 3 years, 250+ hours have been spent at EL Conversation Club sessions, 70+ hours have been spent at EL Debate Club sessions, and 50+ movies in English have been watched by members.

Some additional projects have been developed within EnglishLife such as WeCare, MOCK IELTS Test, Free English Lessons for kids and adults.

Some of the members of EnglishLife have been lucky to be accepted as students of prestigious universities in the USA, the UK, Germany, China, Korea, Turkey, Cyprus, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Malaysia, and other parts of the world.

Today is the day of our EL Family Members!

Team EnglishLife expresses its sincere gratitude towards everybody who have contributed to the advancement of the project!

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