Lesson 6. Revision!

This week will cover three important aspects of essay writing:

  • what title you give your essay
  • how you organise your ideas
  • the style you use to write your essay.

Find out more about these three topics and what we’ll cover this week in the video.

Hello, and welcome to week two of the course. Last week, we analysed an essay by a student called Xiao. He studied with us here at the University of Reading. As you could see, Xiao’s first piece of writing was quite basic, but he improved quickly. And the first thing he learned was to develop his paragraphs by supporting his main points with details and examples.

At the end of last week, you had the opportunity to write your own paragraph and share it with other students. Hopefully, you read some other student’s writing and learned something interesting about their countries. You may also have given and received feedback on the organisation of their paragraphs.

This week, we’re going to look at how to organise a complete essay. Essay organisation can make a big difference to the effect your writing has on the reader and how well you answer the question.

So, this week, Seb is here, and he’ll take you through the steps to organising a complete essay, and he’ll also help you choose a title for your essay that you’re going to write at the end of the course. Remember, take it nice and slowly, and try all the exercises before you look at the answer key. Good luck.

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