Lesson 7. Essay organisation!


Essay organisation

Join Seb as he examines his ideas for an essay based on the title ‘Discuss the reasons why people choose to live in Reading’.

It’s important to think about how you organise your ideas in your essay because good organisation can make your essay easier to understand and ensures that you answer the hidden question in the essay title.

Because organisation is such an important part of academic writing, we will focus first on showing you the different parts or sections of a typical essay. The essay you will read is on this title, “discuss the reasons why people choose to live in Reading”.

Reading is the name of a town in the United Kingdom. As you can hear, it’s different from the pronunciation of reading– as in reading a book– although the spelling is the same.

Now, look at the ideas I had before I wrote this essay. Why do people choose to live in Reading? Well, they might choose to live there, because their family and friends live there. There are also job opportunities in Reading.

Another reason is that house prices are cheaper than in London. It’s also a quiet and clean environment. There are also many leisure facilities for the family, things for them to do, such as sport or shopping.

Later, we’re going to analyse my essay in more detail, looking at the different sections and how the essay is organised.

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