Useful money saving tips that I learnt in the previous weeks!


Here are some useful money saving tips that I learnt in the previous weeks.

1) In order not to become bankrupt later, you should avoid unnecessary spending now. I realised that I had been spending some amount of money on unimportant things that I didn’t need. It seemed like it was nothing but 1000 – 2000 soums per day. Yet when I got my calculator and added them up, it turned out to be a huge amount of money for a student 🙂

2) We always need the latest and greatest. This is our common mistake. We should avoid it from time to time. As an example, I was really keen on technology and wanted to use the latest version or model of anything even my Windows program in my laptop. For instance, I was saving up for buying a brand new Iphone 5S even though I had an HTC phone. At the end, I realised that it would also be an unnecessary spending like it was told in the 1st tip and I carried on saving it for tomorrow.

3) I realized fully that money is not everything. In this summer, I took an entrance exam for a local university as well as for some international ones. Although I wasn’t lucky enough to win the scholarship for the international unis, I am grateful that in my destiny there is a university that I can pursue my education as a self-financed student. Back to the main point, I’ve seen many students who were preparing for local exams while some “smart” individuals were busy with finding indirect ways of passing it. Interestingly, the proportion of people who were admitted as university students in the group of those “smart” ones was higher than those who were passionate about learning. Perhaps someone is able to get another one’s place financially (bribe) with the help of parents at the moment, I do belive that those who don’t give up and work on themselves will be truly successful people in the future.

4) Use a public transport instead of hailing a taxi if you are not in a rush. It might sound a bit weird for some people, but I think this is really true. As an example, if someone has an arrangement or a meeting with another person at 9 o’clock in the morning, it is better to get up at 7 am and go by let’s say the underground than getting up at 8:30 and going by taxi in a hurry. This is merely my view, everybody has their own thoughts about it. Anyway I respect your opinions guys.

5) Think about your future career as early as possible. And this is my last tip. Life is too short for the wrong job. Try to find your passion. Listen to your inner voice that comes from your heart. Do what you love!

These tips were really helpful for me when I came accross with some real life situations and I hope you will find them valuable too. Thank you for spending 5-10 minute from your life for reading my post!


Written by Jamshid Akhmadaliev

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  1. From my point of view, instead of finding the proper ways to save some money by agreeing to look mean(though you are not) it is better to switch on the hardwork mode on oneself so as to make that enough money to live comfortably. You may ask: How am i supposed to do that when i can’t coz of the stuff i have to do daily such as going to the university or preparing for IELTS lessons or or or. the answer is simple: find out how you are gonna do that yourself as one of the Bill Gate’s quotas goes : it doesnt matter whether you are rich or live from hand to mouth, in both cases you have yourself to thank.
    it is just my opinion. life is good but better life is, indeed, better!

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